A Summer to refresh

June 05 2021 – Eight

A Summer to refresh
A Summer to refresh

Finally the sun seems to have made a permanent appearance after the weeks of rain and cold, just in time for Summer to begin.  It’s also beginning to feel like a sense of our former normality is almost within our grasp.  Here at Cajuu we are all excited to be able to see friends and family, eat out, watch movies in the cinema, and begin to enjoy the things we haven’t been able to for so long.  What are some of the things you can’t wait to do?

Finally we can eat inside!  We have definitely enjoyed being able to eat dinner in our lounge clothes some days, and having a cheeky takeaway – or two - has also been fun, but being able to get dressed up, leave our house and sit somewhere social with people we might not have been able to see for months is a real treat.  If you can, try to help support smaller businesses when possible to help give back to the community.  All non-essential retail has reopened, which finally means shopping!  If you find yourself peckish and in need of a healthy nutritious cashew snack, you can find us at a number of retailers including the Whole Foods Market UK.

We also can’t wait to be able to go on picnics in the park or at the seaside.  Being able to bathe in the sun with friends and family is definitely something we have very much missed.  Make sure to pack your favourite Cajuu snacks in your picnic bag to ensure you’ll be the one there with the tastiest cashew treats 😎

Theatres and cinemas are now able to reopen, meaning we can finally watch some of the postponed blockbusters, or resume watching our favourite on stage performances.  If you’re trying to steer clear of sugary snacks try our Cashew and Dip snack Trays for a healthy alternative, however please do check food and drink restrictions before visiting your venue of choice.

We also understand some people might not be ready or able to immerse themselves back into such social environments, and that’s completely okay too.  It’s important to look after ourselves mentally as well as physically, especially in times such as these.  As a brand focused on the nutrients of cashews, a healthy mind means a healthy body, so it’s a priority for everyone to look after themselves to maintain a positive outlook.  We’ve been keeping ourselves busy whilst at home, so check out our Instagram for some ideas and tips.

Whatever you are able to do as restrictions begin to ease, we at Cajuu just want to say thank you for supporting us through these tougher times and hope you’ll continue to support us as we progress further into 2021!


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