Ever wondered who actually grew, harvested and deshelled your cashews?

Wonder no more.

Since starting our family journey into the cashew industry over 40 years ago, we have built and solidified strong working relationships with small scale farmers across the Makonde plateau in southern Tanzania. We work in partnership to ensure we source the best cashews harvest after harvest.

Cajuu provide free equipment to farmers mitigating the risk of being burnt by the acid in the shell of the cashew during the deshelling process. Farmers actively seek to deshell the cashews themselves (rather than sell the shelled product) as the raw cashew nut outside of its shell can fetch up to 5 times more in price for minimal effort relative to the growing and harvesting process.

We can trace each batch of these raw cashew nuts to the farm and farmer they are sourced from, so now you too can meet the amazing people who work hard to bring you your delicious cashew nuts....

Once the cashew nuts are collected, they are allocated a batch number according to which farmer grew, harvested and processed them.

The cashews are brought to the UK, where our manufacturer matches the batch number to the farmer that grew, harvested and processed them. They then place a QR code on the top of each Cajuu Tube which, when scanned, allows you to 'Meet Your Farmer'


Read more about Cajuu and the relationship with our farming partners in this blog.

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