Bye Bye Bites, Hello New Flavours!

March 04 2022 – Eight

Bye Bye Bites, Hello New Flavours!
Bye Bye Bites, Hello New Flavours!

We might only be 3 months in, but 2022 is definitely a year to remember!


For us as a brand, it’s brought a huge change, and as some of you may already know, the Cashew and Date Bites are leaving the Cajuu range.


Whilst we agree, they are definitely tasty, they have some caveats.  Firstly and most importantly, they didn't really fully represent our current tagline 'Completely Cashew'; something that we felt is the heart and soul of our brand.  Unfortunately our tagline isn’t Completely Cashew (with a bit of fruit)!


Another reason is how difficult they were to make, store, and transport.  Each cashew and date ball was made literally by hand, rolled until it was the perfect shape, roasted, cooled then packed. During transportation, due to the packaging format, they often become misshapen which of course takes away from the eating experience. 


One last reason is that we felt they just didn't fit in with our mission. Right now, Cajuu's purpose is to share our love for cashews with the world, showing how we can produce colossal sized nuts for our products without taking shortcuts on our top priorities, people, planet and provenance.  With the Bites, we felt they were a product that was holding the brand back a little, preventing us from exploring new ideas whilst we clung to old favourites. We may in the future feel the Bites are suited to the brand again, and revisit them at some point, however for now Cajuu and its Bites are not meant to be :(


... But fear not, because as the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new…. as we're launching new Tube flavours!


What are those flavours you might ask? Well, right now we can't say, but over the last week we reached out via email and through our socials to find out what flavours you'd like to see our nuts in next (definitely make sure you sign up to receive our emails and follow our social media for the latest updates!)


We feel it is time to expand the brand and collection, and see Cajuu in a new light!  With all of the suggestions from the weekend, we had our followers on Instagram vote on their favourite flavours, the ones they felt would best suit Cajuu the most.  We were pleased and surprised with some of the results, and there were some unique and delicious flavours we hadn't even considered!


Now, back at Cajuu HQ, we're working on these, seeing which ones we can authentically create with our cashews, and showcase all of the things we as a brand represent and stand for...


Make sure to watch this space!


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