Amina Mzuzuri, Rajabu Kiweto and Hassani Shaban


Amina Mzuzuri (31), Rajabu Kiweto (53), Hassani Shaban (37)


Farm in: Mtopwa Region, Lindi



"Hey!  We’re part of an extended family and we’re from the Mtopwa region.  We grow lots of different products including chillies, mangoes, bananas and of course cashews!  Farming is our life, we live and work on the farms.  The Cajuu family have been great to work with, not just from helping us with the deshelling but also providing their own network or contacts so that we’re able to grow multiple produce”.



“We love being farmers and bringing all of these products to people.  With the additional income from deshelling cashews ourselves, due to equipment provided by the Cajuu family, this has improved our standard of living and are able to educate and care for our children better.  We’d like to own a car to make travel between different regions in Tanzania easier, and to be able to transport our produce to markets faster”.


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