Habiba Chiwarawara

Habiba Chiwarawara (45)


Farm in: Mtopwa Region, Lindi



"Habari!  I’m Habiba and have been working with the Cajuu family for over 10 years.  I operate two cashew farms and see the full growing, harvesting and de-shelling process.  With equipment that the Cajuu family have provided this has meant we have been able to grow the scale of the farms.  It also has allowed us to recruit people from nearby communities, providing them with a source of income.  This is a massive plus for us as we’re doing right by the people around in the area”.  



"I have 5 children, and the picture of me here is with my youngest son.  My eldest son is actually a musician.  Like all mothers however I want the best for them, which I believe starts with education so they have more choices in life.  Working with the Cajuu family has allowed me to educate all my children.  Of course I hope they continue in the cashew trade like most of their family, however they are able to do whatever makes them happy."


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