Ole Kariankei



Ole Kariankei (32)


Farm in: Ndanda, Lindi 



As you can see from my dress, my family and I are originally from the Masai tribe in Simanjiro (northern Tanzania and close to Mount Kilimanjaro).  I moved to southern Tanzania in 2015 in order to rear livestock and farm our own produce – including cashews.  Here I am with both Habil and Huzefa who have been great to work with and we’re now good friends



I’d like to continue to stay in Ndanda for the next few years, but then head back up to Simanjiro to start farming there and be closer to my family.  I love farming cashews as each day is different, there are always challenges to overcome.  Whilst the land in southern Tanzania is perfect for growing the best cashews, they do grow in northern Tanzania too so would like to take this skill set there


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