The Versatile Cashew

Cashew diagram



The APPLE is soft like a peach and connects the SHELL to the tree.  It has a range of bright colours during harvest.

Did you know that the APPLE can be directly consumed when ripe and tastes a bit like jackfruit.  Its also rich in vitamin C and has several antioxidants.



The NUT or ‘Kernel’, like many other ‘Nuts’, is in fact not a nut at all, it’s a Seed.  We get to it by naturally heating the SHELL during harvest until it softens and break into it to reveal the NUT – or Seed! Through location, climate and care, we have the biggest cashews in the world! 

Did you know cashew nuts contain copious amounts of HDL (good) cholesterol and help to limit LDL (bad) cholesterol?  In fact, cashew nuts also contain high levels of vitamins and minerals including magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, and phosphorus - which are great for the heart, blood, skin and bones!



The SHELL encases both the NUT and the TESTA SKIN.  Our farming partners naturally heat the SHELL to soften it and get to the NUT.

Did you know  that the SHELL contains acidic CNSL (Cashew Nut Shell Liquid), a sought after product within the chemical and fertiliser industry.



The TESTA SKIN or ‘Husk’ is a thin material that encases the NUT and prevents it from touching the inner SHELL. 

Did you know  that the TESTA SKIN can be used as animal feed, to tan leather and for various other commercial uses.