Cashew with Dip - how we developed our Tray range

October 30 2019 – WeTheme

Cashew with Dip - how we developed our Tray range
Cashew with Dip - how we developed our Tray range

When we created Cajuu it was all about glorifying the Tanzanian cashew, as well as creating a new eating experience with flavours to match.


During concept phase of what cashew seasoning would work best, we categorised the different flavours that we would like to try e.g. floral, savoury, sweet etc – but with the requisite that they had to have an African direction. 


In this process we laid out plain and roasted cashews and different flavoured sauces.  To test what might work we started dipping the cashews into the sauces - when in that moment we had a EUREKA moment…would actually cashew nuts with dips work?!  This hadn't been done before so we were a tad apprehensive and had so many additional questions; what flavours are going to work, will people take to this, will their fingers be covered in dip to the point they will never accept the product, how can we make the dip vegan…


Over some months we worked hard to then to combine seasoning of the cashews to a corresponding dip.  There were a few absolute requirements; the range needed to be Vegan, Gluten Free, use only 100% natural ingredients and be Ambient stable – the latter point meant creation of our own Dip which, because it was vegan and only stable chilled, needed to be pasteurized at a set temperature and pressure. 


We knew we had one big (literally!) advantage; the size of our cashew nuts!  Since our cashews are sourced only from the Makonde plateau in Tanzania, a region renowned for the lusciousness of its natural environment, our cashews are BIG.  We leverage their size to be able to create a new and innovative eating experience in our Tray range.


The result of this work: 3 flavours of roasted, seasoned cashew nuts and 3 accompanying Dips – a wonderfully unique vegan snack perfect to enjoy mid-morning or in the afternoon and to share with friends and family.


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