Cajuu vs COVID-19

April 24 2020 – WeTheme

Cajuu vs COVID-19
Cajuu vs COVID-19

We have so many similarities however there’s one thing that definitely links us all – we need to eat!  Whether it’s in front of a laptop, TV or in the garden with family, we need sustenance to get us through the day. 


Now more than ever we also need foods and drinks that are good for us, to prevent us from becoming unhealthy during this period of self-isolation, but also to boost immunity.  Whilst no food or supplement can protect us from getting the dreaded coronavirus (COVID-19), we must do what we can to support our immune function.


CASHEW NUTS by their very nature are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Cashews are particularly high in SELENIUM and ZINC – both help to produce new immune cells and can help to strengthen response to infection and viruses.


Our range is of cashew vegan snack products are not only entirely natural, our unique flavours are different from the usual snack offerings and amplify the goodness of the cashew nuts within.  They perfect while at home self-isolating and to share with members of your household.


We could….Cajuu?


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