Flavours - and then some!

August 18 2021 – Eight

Flavours - and then some!
Flavours - and then some!

Explaining why we’re crazy about cashews is easy- not only was it part of our family heritage, but they’re incredibly delicious too!

But what about our flavours? They’re what make the products the snacks we all know and love!

First, let’s start with the classic Lake Natron Salt and Pepper.

We don’t just use any salt in this flavour- we use the salt crystals from its namesake, Lake Natron. 

Lake Natron is a salt lake in Arusha Region in Tanzania right by the Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano, meaning water flows in, but not out. The area is famous for its huge population of lesser flamingos, since they breed, nest and raise their young there due to the PH levels and conditions. 

We chose to pair it with a Herb Dip in our Cashew and Dip Snack Trays due to its tangy taste working deliciously with the classic salt and pepper flavours.

Mango Moa is inspired by Moa, a village in Tanzania known for its incredible produce. We use their mangoes to create our fruity flavour, recognising the farmers’ hard work and the area’s climate. For us, it's important to represent as many different aspects of Tanzania, especially one with such great food.

We chose to pair it with a Chilli Dip in our Cashew and Dip Snack Trays to offer a complete contrast of flavours, spicy and fruity, yet despite their differences, blending well to create a great tasting snack.

Vanilla and Salted Caramel stems away into the sweeter region, but continues its African inspiration by being Madagascan Vanilla, an already popular and strong-tasting flavour. The sweetness and creaminess of the vanilla cashew is only heightened with the saltiness of the salted caramel, creating an extremely indulgent snack. We wanted to have a snack that our customers could turn to when craving something sweet like chocolate or cake, but without feeling guilty when you eat the whole Tube or Tray!

By pairing it with a Sugarcane Dip in the Cashew and Dip Snack Trays, it emphasises the sweetness of all of the flavours, leaning it to tasting more like a dessert than just a healthy snack. 

For our Bites, the Tangerine and Orange flavour was a take on the well known chocolate orange flavour, but instead, cashew orange! Fruity and citrus works well with the date and cashew flavours, again offering a healthier dessert tasting snack our customers won’t feel guilty for eating the entire pack of!

Clove and Aniseed was inspired by the archipelago of Zanzibar in Tanzania, sometimes known as the Spice Islands, which was once the world's largest producer of cloves. Not only do clove trees grow up to 15m (49ft) high but they can be difficult to harvest too! Africa produces a range of different spices, and we felt this flavour best represented the diverse flavours to come from its shores.

Lastly, Rose and Saffron offers a more sweet and floral taste, again representing the spices that come from Africa. Saffron is a decadent spice due to how costly it is to harvest. Roses too are costly due to their high demand and because of their smell, colour and size - as well as romantic connotations of course. Matching these two flavours together offers a sophisticated and delicate tasting snack, perfect with afternoon tea or a morning coffee.


These are the beginning flavours of Cajuu, and we can’t wait to expand our range even more….


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