Zero Waste Ways of Reusing, Recycling and Repurposing!

September 10 2021 – Eight

Zero Waste Ways of Reusing, Recycling and Repurposing!
Zero Waste Ways of Reusing, Recycling and Repurposing!

This week is zero-waste week, meaning it's time for us to present some fun and interesting ways to reuse our packaging!

The Cashew Nut Tubes, whilst delicious and super compact, are also great as pen pots!  Not only are they wide enough for marker pens, biros and pencils, but if you're someone who uses paintbrushes, tools or even paint pens, our Tubes will hold them all. (Just make sure to clean them on the inside!) 

You can even paint them too and give them a fresh new look since the outside is made from cardboard. 

Our Tubes also make great plant pots, especially for succulents!  Clean out your tube, and line the bottom with some stones or small pebbles to allow for appropriate drainage.  Add a layer of soil and your plant of choice, then add some more soil and pat down to secure your plant into its new Cajuu-tastic home!

You can actually use the empty Cashew and Dip Snack Trays.  Despite being cardboard, they’re resilient enough that they’d be great for any starter herbs to then plant into a bigger pot (this would where the Tubes would come in).  We’d recommend keeping these indoors to avoid excess exposure to moisture, and keeping them on a dish to prevent leaking. Once done, these can be put straight into your recycling box or bin.

Inside our Cashew and Dip Snack Trays there’s the glass jar used to contain the dip- well guess what, once you’ve used up all of the delicious dip, wash it out and you have yourself a great mini jar!  These are perfect for storing small items such as pins, beads, stud earrings- whatever you fancy.  Check out our Tik Tok to see how we used it- you can even use them for spices, or to make a candle.

Now as much as we’d love to be able to reuse all of our packaging, some of it just isn’t as easy to multi-use as the other bits.  However we’ve gone the extra-length to make sure all of our packaging is recyclable, and the parts that can’t be reused is biodegradable.  This includes the pouches inside the Cashew Nut Tubes and Cashew and Dip Snack Trays used to contain the nuts, alongside the cellulose bag the Cashew and Date Bites come in.  Check with your council guidelines for household waste and recycling collections to make sure you have the relevant collection for biodegradable items (this will include garden and food waste too), otherwise visit your local Recycling Centre for more information. 

If you’re someone who would rather get our cashews in your own reusable tubes, we’re also stocked in Zero Waste stores, where you bring in your containers and fill them up. This is a great way to lower the production of packaging, reusable or not, and help lower the amount needing to be recycled. We’re currently in 5 different Zero Waste stores in the UK, so if one is near you, definitely check it out and see where you can cut your use of extra packaging!  The stores include Re Store in London Hackney, Pipoca in London, Liberte Cherie in Maida Vale, Simply Green Zero Waste in Portishead and Nailsea. 

Let us know if you have any great ways to reuse your leftover Cajuu packaging by tagging us on Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitter, including the hashtag #creativecajuu so we can see just how creative and crafty we can be!


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