Keeping Up with Cajuu

April 26 2021 – WeTheme

Keeping Up with Cajuu
Keeping Up with Cajuu

What a year. 

We can’t wait until things can return to at least some form of normality, and we’re hoping that 2021 will be a lot better than 2020 for everyone. 

At Cajuu we’ve been trying to keep ourselves busy, so here are some things we’ve been doing during the last year!

We grew from 20 stores to over 120 nationally and internationally, including Wholefoods UK, meaning that you can now find our products on shelf at a location hopefully near you.  We even acquired 3 large distributors to sell products through, so the ways to find us are abundant.

We rebranded all of our packaging, and as if that wasn’t enough, we went completely plastic free! Now all of our packaging is eco-friendly, another step forward in our fight to be more ethical and kind to our planet. 

We even expanded our team :) Through the Government Kickstarter scheme, we were able to recruit more personnel, so now there’s even more people involved in getting your favourite cashew snack to you.

We were able to provide cashew snacks to numerous food banks in the UK to help those who found themselves in hardship during the pandemic.  Here at Cajuu, being family-owned means looking out for each other, and that doesn’t just stop with our brand.  

Over in Tanzania, we gave profits back to the farming communities because without them, none of this would be possible.  We strongly feel and it's important to show our appreciation, respect and thanks for everything they do for us.

We also planted loads of new cashew trees there too, so the cashew growing possibilities are endless!  We are teaming up with a fantastic organisation that supports the growing of more trees in Tanzania - details to follow soon :)

At the beginning of April, we relaunched our new and improved dips for our Trays.  We worked with London based African heritage restaurant En Root, whose dip recipes have made all of us here at Cajuu really proud of the delicious duo they make when combined with our cashews.  We hope you’ll enjoy them just as much as we do, and don’t be shy to tell us what you think, we’d love to hear your feedback. 

Right after, we launched on Tik Tok! We wanted to bring a little more fun and personality to you, and what better way to do this than doing the Renegade with some cashew nuts as our backing dancers (don’t worry, we won’t actually be doing that… yet!)

We’ve also relaunched our Twitter account.  Now we can share all of our updates, thoughts, cashew-puns and talk to all of you in no more than 280 characters, which might seem like a lot, but we have so much to tell you it might just not be enough!

As always, our Instagram is still bursting to the brim with all the cashew facts, photos and fun reels, so if you ever find yourself in need of some aesthetically pleasing cashew photos, you know where to go.

Now we’re looking to the future.  We’re on course to initiate some currently secret projects in our long-term quest to become carbon negative and show you what your support for our brand does on a global ethical scale.  Our planet is our home, and it’s so crucial that we as a society work together to protect and look after it, so in turn, it will look after us.

We hope you’ll continue to follow and support us as we also want to find more ways to get our products into your hands so you can never be without your dose of Cajuu-goodness :)

Until next time! 


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