Small step, big commitment - we’re now 100% plastic free!

August 08 2020 – WeTheme

Small step, big commitment - we’re now 100% plastic free!
Small step, big commitment - we’re now 100% plastic free!

That’s right!  In addition to our cashew nuts being ethically sourced and locally processed we have made another commitment on the path to complete sustainability with our new 100% plastic free and recyclable packaging.


We’ve spent a while in our quest for the best solution with many heated debates between the team members; where will the new packaging be sourced from?  What material is suitable for our cashew nuts and its quality and shelf life?  How can it be recycled? What a journey it’s been…


In the very beginning one of the main constituents of our philosophy was to build our company on ethical and eco-friendly principles.  Aside from benefiting the local community of farmers in Tanzania we endeavour to leave 0 net carbon footprint to our planet during transportation and processing of our ethically sourced cashew nuts.


For a young company such as Cajuu, this small step is a big commitment that we decided to make and follow through.  We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and are conscious of the impact a small player like us can have. 


In fact, we’re continuously working on reducing our negative ecological bearing by decreasing the usage of non-sustainable materials in our entire supply chain, as well as gradually making small improvements to how we do business - including our management and sourcing arrangements. 


As July of every year marks Plastic Free and National Picnic Month in the UK, now any time you bring your favourite flavour of our healthy, vegan cashew nut range to a picnic there is no plastic to worry about 😊


Instead, every time you go for Cajuu just recycle, or better, reuse the packaging when finished.  Our packaging has been designed to be as versatile as possible and can be re-used or re-purposed when emptied.  Then of course why not treat yourself to another one… 😊 


Also remember that in choosing Cajuu you played an important role in bringing it to the market.  We want to say thank you to every customer that we’ve had a pleasure to serve.  You guys made it possible for us not only to make it through these trying times but also to take a step-by-step action in our endeavors towards a more sustainable business model. 


Happy Plastic Free July and National Picnic Month, don’t forget to bring your Cajuu along!  


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