Lets get cooking!

June 13 2022 – Leah Gillespie

Lets get cooking!
Lets get cooking!

at Cajuu, it's all about being completely cashew, and we're always looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate our favourite cashew nuts into your diet.  Whether you’re vegan, a vegetarian or still enjoy non-vegan food, these recipes are ones you have to try.

To celebrate the launch of our new recipe page ‘Create: Cook with Cajuu’, we’re bringing you the tastiest recipes involving your favourite cashew snack brand all involving our newest flavours.

So let's get into it…

Breakfast or Lunch: A Crunchy Chilli Garlic Toast by @munchingwithmolly


Topped with cream cheese, homemade garlic chips, crushed Zanzibar Chilli Zest cashews, and chilli flakes 

Recipe for the crispy garlic:

  1. Slice your garlic thinly then place into a frying pan with enough oil to cover them
  2. Fry on low heat until they become golden and crispy

Lunch or Dinner: Tanzanian inspired Coconut Rice, With Homemade Vegan “Fish” inspired by & using @cajuuofficial New Tanzanian Salt Roasted Cashews by @kis.kitchen_


(serves about 4, I had enough leftovers to last a few days)

3/4 cup Chickpea rice

1 Pack Cauliflower Rice

3/4 cups water

3/4 cup canned, unsweetened coconut milk

½ cup peas (I added extras, loveee peas!)

½ cup carrots, diced

1 tsp. turmeric powder

Salt to taste

As many Tanzanian Salt Roasted Cashews as you like!


  1. Add everything but cauliflower rice to a saucepan, boil
  2. Reduce heat & cover with a lid.
  3. Cook about 15 more minutes, adding the cauliflower rice a couple mins before the end!
  4. Remove from heat, Fluff with a fork & serve.

Snack or Dessert: Quick and easy, Single serve Sweet Chilli Cashew & Chocolate Protein Cookie! 🌶🍫🍪 by 





35g Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder

5g Cacao

1/4tsp Baking Powder

5tbsp Erythritol/to taste

Pinch of chilli flakes(or to taste)

Splash of cashew milk or milk of choice

50g Vegan yoghurt- I used mango but plain would also work! 

Add ins:

10g Chopped @cajuuofficial Safari Sweet Chilli Cashews (the Mango Mao cashews  would also go well if using mango yoghurt!)

10g Chopped Dark Chilli Choc (keep 1 piece big for the centre!)


Combine ingredients and spoon onto baking tray, leaving 2 inches of space around each cookie to allow it to expand

Bake at 160 for 10-12 mins. Halfway through, add in the add-in ingredients on the top so they can melt in the final cooking time.

Once fully baked, allow to slightly cool and enjoy warm!

As usual, writing this and looking at these delicious recipes has made us hungry!

You can check out the rest of our recipes on new Create Cook page, and if you have any of your own amazing and delicious recipes involving our nuts, be sure to let us know- you can simply tag us on social media using the #cookwithcajuu or even email us on hello@cajuu.co.uk to get featured on our website.

We hope no matter what you're eating, you enjoy it- we’re off to go make one (or all) of these right now :)

Until next time!


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