The Crazy Secrets of the Cashew - Why Cashews Are Never Sold in Their Shells

August 07 2023 – Courtney Parry

The Crazy Secrets of the Cashew - Why Cashews Are Never Sold in Their Shells
The Crazy Secrets of the Cashew - Why Cashews Are Never Sold in Their Shells

Cashews, the buttery and versatile nuts, have carved a special place in the hearts of snack enthusiasts worldwide. But have you ever wondered why you never see cashews being sold in their shells? In this blog, we will unravel the curious secrets of cashews and explore the reasons behind their peculiar selling habits. As a cashew selling company, Cajuu is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality cashews and takes pride in sharing these fascinating insights with you.

The Unique Cashew Harvesting Process

Unlike most nuts that are found within a hard shell, cashews have an unconventional way of growing. The cashew tree produces cashew apples, which are sweet and juicy fruits, each containing just a single cashew nut at its base. But here's where it gets interesting - the cashew nut is enclosed in a kidney-shaped shell, known as the cashew nut shell.

The Toxic Cashew Nut Shell

The cashew nut shell serves as a natural protective layer for the cashew kernel inside. However, it also harbours a toxic resin known as urushiol, which is the same substance found in poison ivy. This resin can cause skin irritation and severe allergic reactions when it comes into contact with human skin.

Toxicity and Handling Challenges

Dealing with the toxic cashew nut shells poses significant challenges during harvesting and processing. The cashew apples must be carefully hand-picked from the trees, and workers wear protective gear to avoid any skin contact with the toxic resin. This intricate process requires skill and precision to ensure the safety of the workers and the purity of the cashew nuts.

The Delicate Processing Journey

The journey of cashews from tree to table involves several meticulous steps. After the cashew apples are harvested, the nuts are carefully extracted from their shells. The nuts are then sun-dried to reduce their moisture content, preventing mould growth during storage. Next, the outer brown skin, called the testa, is peeled to reveal the creamy white cashew kernel we all love.

The Cajuu Commitment to Quality

At Cajuu, we take great pride in our dedication to delivering the finest quality cashews to our customers. Our expert team ensures that each cashew undergoes rigorous quality checks at every stage of processing, starting from the harvest until they are roasted to perfection. This commitment is why Cajuu cashews are renowned for their freshness, taste, and nutritional value.

Why Cashews Are Never Sold in Their Shells

Given the challenges posed by the toxic cashew nut shells and the delicate nature of the nuts, it becomes impractical to sell cashews in their natural shells. The shelling process requires specialised equipment and careful handling to maintain the integrity of the cashew kernels. As a result, cashews are commonly sold shelled, providing customers with ready-to-eat, delectable treats.


The journey of cashews from the tropical lands to your table is a labour of love, involving intricate processes and careful handling. As a cashew selling company, Cajuu takes pride in bringing these delightful nuts to your doorstep while ensuring the highest quality standards are met. The crazy secrets of cashews, with their toxic shells and delicate kernels, underscore the hard work and dedication that goes into every cashew we offer. 

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Savour the goodness of Cajuu cashews and experience the joy of a snack that embodies our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.


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