Process and Innovation

Cajuu's vision is simple

We want to bring our knowledge and family expertise of the cashew and its benefits to the world. We also want to continue to develop new and innovative cashew products and flavours, whilst putting Tanzania on the map and giving back to its cashew farming communities.


Close Bonds

Since our grandparents forged a route into the cashew world over 40 years ago, Alibhai Store would not be what it is today without the formation of close bonds and great working relationships with local Tanzanian cashew farmers and their families.

We have built these successful relationships up over the decades with hundreds of farms across the Makonde Plateau through enabling the farmers to take ownership of their farming.  We offer higher prices than bulk buyers in return for the guaranteed supply of the best product and make several donations to the farming communities to better their lives.  This certainly is not for recognition but because it is the right thing to do, and we truly believe the farmers are the true heroes of this story.


Process and Ethics

The cashew harvest in Tanzania is between October and January. During this time our farmers only select cashews that naturally fall from the tree, indicating perfect ripeness. The SHELL with the NUT inside is removed from the APPLE.

What sets us apart is that our cashew nuts are only ever naturally obtained from the SHELL through hand processing thereby reducing the need for chemicals and the overall carbon footprint.

As part of our ethical stance, we have provided hand tools as well as equipment to our farming partners that protect against corrosive CNSL in the SHELL. This has made their lives better and healthier and enables them to process more cashews which in turn allows them to earn more for them and their families.

The beauty of the humble cashew is that the NUT can be kept fresh in the SHELL for over a year!  This therefore means that the farmers can continue to earn through processing the cashew NUTS from the SHELLS between harvests and ensures we have enough supply all year round.




Research and Sustainability

Did you know that Tanzania is the only country in the world that is developing cashew varieties and Cashew hybrids using standard procedures for releasing crop variety acceptable by UPOV (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants)?

As part of our strategy on Sustainability Cajuu have a close link with the professors at the ‘Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute’ (TARI) in Naliendele.

These amazing individuals advise us and our cashew farming partners to ensure that the cashew Nuts are naturally bigger, better and more resilient from harvest to harvest. They are continually working on exciting projects to advance research into the broad range of possible Cashew by-products.