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Cajuu's vision is simple

We want to bring our knowledge and family expertise of the cashew and its benefits to the world. We also want to continue to develop new and innovative cashew products and flavours, whilst putting Tanzania on the map and giving back to its cashew farming communities.


The Cajuu Timeline

Cajuu timeline



The Cashew Journey

    1. We source our cashews from the Makonde plateau, a region in south eastern Tanzania renowned for its soil fertility and climate – conditions which make our cashew nuts colossal in size and full of natural flavour.  They are harvested and processed by our farming partners who we provide safe accessible equipment to, a fair transparent price and no quotas or production demands. 


    1. The cashews are collected, quality checked and sorted according to size.  They are then directly ship freighted from Tanzania to the UK - this way we minimise our carbon footprint as we negate the need to ship to Asia for processing like other brands.  The journey from Tanzania to the UK can take up to 6 weeks.


    1. The cashews are then brought to our SALSA accredited facility in the UK where Cajuu products are born!  We use only natural ingredients to ensure you get the best nutrition and maintain clean, healthy and enjoyable cashew snacking.  Our flavours have an African direction to them to harp back to Cajuu's roots!