Our Ethics

Since the 1970’s we have built successful partnerships with hundreds of small scale farmers across the Makonde Plateau through enabling them to take ownership of their farming.  


We believe the farmers are the true heroes of this story

What sets us apart from other brands is our care and respect for our farming partners, ensuring that our cashew nuts are only ever naturally obtained from the shell through hand processing, thereby reducing the need for chemicals and our overall carbon footprint.

We provide hand tools as well as equipment to our farming partners that protect against corrosive CNSL in the shell of the cashew which can burn the skin. This simple yet vital supply of safety equipment has made their lives better and healthier, and also enables them to process more cashews which in turn allows them to earn more for themselves and their families.



What are we doing to be as sustainable as possible?

Reducing Carbon Footprint:  At Cajuu we are constantly looking into more ways to lower our carbon footprint.  The largest contribution so far is transporting our cashews directly from Tanzania to the UK, instead of journeying to Asia to be processed like most other brands.  We've also planted, and will continue to plant, cashew trees to offset our carbon footprint and we're in the process of calculating what our overall emissions are in the quest to become carbon negative.

Traceability:  The strong bonds and connections we've built with our farming partners is the key to the future of creating sustainable and quality products.  We know our Tanzanian cashew farming partners personally, meaning not only do we all collectively work hard to achieve repeatedly good harvests, but we can trace our products back to the farmers, giving them as much recognition as possible.

100% Plastic Free:  By becoming 100% plastic free, we’re helping to reduce plastic pollution and contribute to zero waste.  Plastic pollution is hugely detrimental to the environment including our oceans, with nearly all plastic manufactured still existing.  All of our products are in plastic free packaging, including our cashew and date Bites which come in a cellulose bag that is both recyclable and biodegradable.  We encourage you reuse our packaging, including the glass Dip jar in the Tray range and our Tubes, or where not possible to dispose of correctly.

Natural Ingredients:  We're dedicated to using only the best ingredients in our products, including those that are ethically sourced, vegan and natural.  This means you can snack freely with no nasty antioxidants or harsh chemicals getting in the way!