Why Cajuu?

We feel our brands purpose is to represent, categorise and focus on 3 core aspects of what makes Cajuu the company it is today. 



We work with Tanzanian farmers to ethically source our cashews. For us, it's important to recognise the people within and behind the brand, not just the products they help create.


Family Heritage

Since the 1970's, when our grandfather started to offer cashew nuts at his tailoring shop in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), we have been deeply embedded in the cashew industry.  We therefore know a thing or two about this humble yet versatile nut as well as where and how to source the biggest and best!



Ethically Sourced

Since the 1970’s we have built successful partnerships with hundreds of small scale farmers across southern Tanzania.  It is these strong bonds and connections which is key to us being able to source sustainable and quality products.  We know our Tanzanian cashew farming partners personally, meaning not only do we all collectively work hard to achieve repeatedly good harvests, but also provide the farmers with as much recognition as possible.  We enable them to take ownership of their farming, as they are the true heroes of this story.  We provide hand tools as well as equipment to our farming partners that protect against corrosive CNSL in the shell of the cashew which can burn the skin. This simple yet vital supply of safety equipment has made their lives better and healthier, and also enables them to process (deshell) more cashews which in turn allows them to earn more for themselves and their families.  Furthermore, we only offer a fair, transparent price with no quotas or production demands for all orders.



We’re determined to produce our products with as little detrimental effect to the planet as possible.  We grow, harvest and deshell the cashews in Tanzania, then send directly to the UK, so we have a low carbon footprint. Our range only incorporates the finest, natural ingredients, and our packaging is entirely plastic free and recyclable.


Lower Carbon Footprint

We're are constantly looking into ways to lower our carbon footprint.  The largest contribution so far is transporting our cashews directly from Tanzania to the UK.  Africa exports 90% of its shelled cashews cashews to Asia for processing (deshelling) which has a huge impact on global emissions.  We've also planted, and will continue to plant, cashew trees to offset our carbon footprint and we're in the process of calculating what our overall emissions are in the quest to become carbon negative.



Natural, Vegan and Plastic Free

Cashew nuts are naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals, and we use only natural, vegan ingredients to ensure you get the best nutrition, and maintain clean, healthy and enjoyable cashew snacking.  Our flavours have an African direction to them to harp back to Cajuu's roots!  Additionally, by becoming 100% plastic free, we’re helping to reduce plastic pollution.  All of our products are in plastic free packaging, including our cashew and date Bites which come in a cellulose bag that is both recyclable and compostable.  We encourage you to reuse our packaging, including our Tubes and the glass Dip jar in the Tray range, or to dispose of the packaging it correctly.








We source our cashew nuts exclusively and directly from the Makonde plateau in southern Tanzania. Owing to years of best farming practice, our cashews are of the highest quality and largest size globally.  Once here, our range is produced at a SALSA accredited facility thereby maintaining the highest levels of quality.


Cashew Quality and Size

Our cashews are of the highest AA grade quality owing to years of excellent farming practice and care.  We only use '180' size cashews (known as the 'King of Cashew' and are recognized as the largest globally) for maximum snacking experience!  Try our range and see for yourself :)


Single Origin and Traceability

We exclusively and directly source our cashews from the Makonde Plateau in southern Tanzania, a region which due to its environment, soil conditions and climate make for amazing quality produce - including cashew nuts!   We have full visibility of the supply chain, and are able to trace each cashew nut batch not only back to the farm but also the farmers who grow, harvest and process them.


UK Made and Accredited

The cashews are collected and quality checked in Tanzania, then directly ship freighted to the UK (which can take up to 6 weeks).  Here, they are seasoned, roasted and packed at a SALSA accredited facility.  We therefore maintain the highest levels of production and quality standards right through to you!