Tasty, nutritious snacks throughout the day

We realise that your colleagues, staff, customer and clients alike are seeking healthy yet appetising snacks throughout the day. The Cajuu range offers just this, with flavours and tastes to suit everyone's taste and preference.

Cashews are loaded with good fats, vitamins and minerals to maintain your concentrations levels. Be it at your desk or on the go, our range is encased in packaging that is easy to use and transport, as well as fully recyclable and plastic free.

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What our customers say about us

They are probably the finest cashew nuts that we have ever tasted and the range really doesn’t have a weak flavour, they are all absolutely delicious.

The Artisan General Store

I realise that I’d never tasted authentic cashew products until I experienced Cajuu. From the imposing size of the nuts upon opening the product to the mouthwatering, succulent taste as they melt in your mouth, it’s fair to say you have a newly addicted customer.

Adam Kitchen, Monster Magnet

These are probably the best cashews have tasted. Doesn't taste artificial at all like some of the other cashews out there.

Nicolas, Cajuu Customer