Christmas with Cajuu

December 21 2021 – Leah Gillespie

Christmas with Cajuu
Christmas with Cajuu

Well now… it's that time of year again! 

Here at Cajuu we can’t help but leap right into the festive spirit.

Whilst Christmas stems from a religious origin, over the years it’s become a time in the year where people spend time with family and friends, recharge, work on personal goals for the following year, or just take a break. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s a lot of things to be excited for over the holiday season, from the food, movies, and maybe even the potential snow to play in! 

Being a cashew based snacks brand, can you imagine what we’re most excited for? Of course…. the delicious food!  The delicious Christmas dinner, from intriguing appetizers, to the satisfyingly perfect main, to the scrumdiddlyumptious dessert…. sorry, got distracted thinking about it! We're so into Christmas this year, we've even created some tasty Christmas recipes featuring your favourite Cajuu snacks over on our Cook With Cajuu page.

What Christmas snacks are you most excited for, or is there a Christmas food you really aren’t looking forward to? Let us know!

We thought we’d give you an insight into what we are most excited for this Christmas, and more importantly, the food we each can’t wait to dig into!

Starting with the brand’s founder, Habil is most excited for:

  • Favourite Cajuu product:

“Oooh - that’s a difficult one!  I particularly like the mango cashew nuts this time of year - I really like how well they go not only with other snacks and foods but also with other drinks.  If you guys know of any great combo’s with mango cashews please let us know :)”

  • Favourite food:

“I love Yorkshire puddings!  Such a simple yet unassuming part of a Christmas meal, it brings it all together nicely.  Particularly like the ones shaped like a bowl to pour as much gravy into as they can hold!”

  • Favourite thing to do at Christmas:

“Aside from opening presents, having a laugh with friends and family, and ofcourse stuffing one's face, we tend to take a nice long stroll after Christmas dinner, saying hello to neighbours and strangers alike, getting some fresh air.  It cuts up the day well - would recommend it for this year.”

I’m Leah, the Marketing and Communications Manager! Each year I always look forward to dessert, I can’t help it! I have a massive sweet tooth (did you know one of my favourite Cajuu snacks is the Vanilla and Salted Caramel Tube?), so the moment I get a whiff of delicious deep filled mince pies, or luxurious ice cream, or the classical chocolate selection box, I’m happy. 

However, my favourite non-sweet food at Christmas must be my sister’s roast potatoes. I could easily have a plate of these by themselves they’re that good, she always makes them perfectly, and at Christmas she’ll always make extra for me since I like them that much. I’m also excited to relax with my family and watch Christmas movies, a common tradition for a lot of families I imagine, however I just love being under a big blanket in my PJ’s rewatching Home Alone 2 for the millionth time, still belly laughing every time one of the antagonists gets fooled by protagonist Kevin. 

Christmas is the season of giving, so when possible, try to think of those who might not be able to enjoy cosiness with family and a warm meal. If you find yourself with extra food this year, box some up and give out to anyone homeless, or donate food to your local shelter if you can. If you find yourself with items you don’t need after this year's Christmas presents, can they be donated? 

The last two years have been rough for everyone to some degree, so the best thing we can do is try to look out for each other when we can, with every action, no matter how small, making a difference.

We at Cajuu hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas, Holidays and New Year’s, whether you’re celebrating, relaxing, or giving back to your community.

We can’t wait to see you all in the new year!


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