Keeping up with Cajuu Round 2: Completely Cashew

October 29 2021 – Eight

Keeping up with Cajuu Round 2: Completely Cashew
Keeping up with Cajuu Round 2: Completely Cashew

The last 6 months absolutely flew by! Who knew time could go that fast. 

Since April, we’ve been up to a lot of exciting things, which we wanted to share with you and update you on.

Firstly, we were finally able to get back out to events.  We started with a few pop ups at some of our stockists including Two Peas and WholeFoods Market where we got to see some Cajuu fans as well as Cajuu novices, and got to introduce them to the world of completely cashew! For us, we really appreciate being able to chat one on one with the people who enjoy our products, as well as the people who also have criticisms, since it means we get to work on what can make our brand even better to make even more people happier and enjoy our products more. 

We also got to do a few stands, including Foodies Festival in August. Whilst it did rain a little, the weekend was terrific, and if you had the chance to stop by, I think you’ll agree that we had a spinning time… we had way too much fun spinning that wheel!

When we weren’t spinning for prizes and eating way too many cashews, we were out seeing what other brands are up to, making friends and going to different trade shows such as Speciality Food Fair and Lunch. We find it incredible to see what other amazing creations brands are coming out with, and as you know, we love to show our support to them. 

Our website got a revamp to make it more accessible and snazzy looking, and in keeping with the makeover theme, we also launched our new and improved Cashew and Dip Snackpack Trays. They have the same great flavour but better packaging with an easy to open tear strip and biodegradable bag inside for easier recycling. They also have some creative illustrations on the outside and inside, so now you can cashew and dip in style.

We even donated all of our old trays to City Harvest to aid those in need, ensuring no waste, but all of the support.

Another big accomplishment we made was launching into Ocado! This is such a huge milestone, being stocked in an online supermarket as large as this. With a larger reach we can only hope to grow as a brand and be able to share our tasty cashew snacks with even more people than we thought possible.

We were able to also launch into other chain shops such as Eat17 and Bayley & Sage, covering even more of London than before. This is definitely going to keep us on our toes for a bit! 

Last but not least In September, we expanded our team even more with Thea, our new Sales and Accounts Manager. The more and more the brand grows, the bigger the Cajuu team gets to be and we couldn’t be more grateful.

As we go into Autumn and Winter, we’re excited for what else is in store for our brand, and what new things might be on the horizon….

Until next time!


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