Did someone say ‘new’? We totally did!

October 01 2021 – Leah Gillespie

Did someone say ‘new’? We totally did!
Did someone say ‘new’? We totally did!

If you’re here that can only mean one thing- you want to know more about our fabulous brand new Snackpack Trays!

Don’t worry, we love them too!

You might be thinking, what’s actually new about them? Sure, they’re still in cardboard packaging, still recyclable and still contain the same delicious Cajuu cashew nuts as before.

So why are we so excited about them?

Well most importantly, it’s the introduction of our new tear strips! Not only are these a lot more fun to open, but they’re more functional than trying to tear open the entire top of the tray. This way you take hold of the strip, pull, and watch as it guides you around the Snackpack to reveal all of the cashew goodness inside. The Tray itself remains completely made from recyclable and recycled cardboard, and the glass jar containing the Dip inside can be reused. For ways to reuse the Tray and glass jar, check out our previous blog where we looked at ways to be completely waste free! 

Secondly, we thought we’d jazz up the design a little. 2021 is the year to refresh and try to bounce back after the previous year, and what better way to do this than some cool new illustrations. Now on the front of all of our Cashew and Dip Snackpack Trays you’ll find an amazing illustration relating to the flavour of the cashews, and then on the inside you’ll discover one of three different African animals, the lemar from Madagascar, the giraffe which is Tanzania’s national animal, and the flamingo which is the main animal found at Lake Natron! You’ll also find a nifty little QR code that when you scan it takes you to the ultimate land of Cajuu goodness….

Speaking of inside, you might have noticed something even more interesting- our new sealed biodegradable food bags. These are what the cashews come in and are sealed to ensure your cashews reach you in the ultimate state of freshness. The most important thing about these bags is that whilst they’re keeping our cashews fresh, they’re also completely biodegradable, meaning that the planet isn’t paying the price for it. At Cajuu, remaining environmentally friendly is one of our top priorities, and we pride ourselves in finding ways to combat modern day problems with planet friendly solutions.

Let us know if you’ve had a chance to try our new Trays and what you think about them? We love hearing your thoughts so we can work to make our snacks better for everyone, so feedback is always super appreciated!


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